Here's how you can avoid social media burnout

Social media is ever growing with new platforms continuously starting up. How do you choose which ones you should focus on and how many should you devote time too.

Social Media continues to be the all encompassing part of most peoples lives, 2020 has showcased some of the more distinct ways in which it affects everyday life. One of the biggest instances of this was the fact fleetwood mac ended up back at number 1 in the charts, which was a result of a viral TikTok video. Now we're seeing owners of since passed records putting them on TikTok to get them back into the charts. So the power of social media can't be ignored.

But with that comes the complete control of platforms like this, not just for those that use it for entertainment, but for the producers of content. Business owners and entrepeneurs are bombarded with what could make or break their ideas and livelihoods. Especially if you're aiming for a non-business focused customer base, you'll find that where they spend a good portion of their time is on some type of social media. This could be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok, even the likes of Snapchat and Tumblr still garner plenty of attention.

Social Media Attention

With so many social media platforms and such a heavy focus on them, how do you avoid them becoming all encompassing. Because with all the benefits that social media brings, it also can create a major burden on a whole range of things. Especially if you're going it alone and don't have the likes of a marketing team to support in the area of social media marketing. But even with a team, you can't target every platform with the same focus, you have to prioritise.

Which Social Media Platforms

So of all the platforms which should you prioritise, well it depends on what sort of content is the most effective for you to produce and who you're target customer base is. For example for me I'm aiming on creating educational but entertaining content for people who like me, want to create and make things. I'm going broad with what those things are but narrowing down my aim with 3 distinct content pillars (Educational, Entertaining, Personal). So I've chosen 3 content platforms that will be the most effective for me, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram. Short form video content that can be shared to both TikTok and Twitter, with a corresponding image that can be shared to Instagram. That's the bedrock of my content for social media and the type of content that I'll be getting out daily. A

It'll be built in a way to substitute content I'm creating for Youtube, but without requiring extra work on my part bar creating a quick 30 second video for daily release. By focusing down to a few of platforms and a main content type I'll be producing, it will limit burnout as I won't be over-exerting myself attempting to grow on more platforms than I can handle by myself. This doesn't mean I can't product content for other social media platforms, the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk does that regularly, taking content he's made for one specific platform and sharing it for others. But don't take on more than you can handle regarding tailored content, otherwise you'll definitely end up burning yourself out.

I hope you found this interesting and helps you avoid burnout in this social rich world. Along with a look at how I try to tailor my social media strategy that suits me.

Ask me any questions on Twitter, I'd love to talk to you about any of this!.

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