Maker of Things

Lewis makes things, creating something different weekly, seeing what works and what doesn't is easily one of the best things you can do. Learning and being able to make bigger and better things is the goal and you'll find it documented here.


Lewis Campbell has been making things for years, supporting the building of communities by developing on the forum software they all used. Creating websites for small businesses and organisations in my community, helping get them online in a world where the internet is everything. Since graduating I've been working for an consultancy in Manchester, England, supporting businesses across the Manchester region in a range of industries, supporting their growth.

With 2020 being the year that changed so many things for so many people, for Lewis it's about making 2021 and beyond, focused on doing what matters to him. Including developing new projects based on web, app and voice. Storytelling through worldbuilding with new fantasy and science fiction universes to explore, along with developing a game in these universes.

Beyond that Lewis also documents what he creates as a youtube series covering the learnings of the projects giving an educational yet entertaining view of these projects. So you can learn from the many mistakes he'll be making while he works on projects making things. Lewis also blogs and podcasts weekly from the content created from the video, along with regular social media content, the links you can find below.

  • Blog

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